We don't sell cattle here.

You landed here because you saw a job ad from us (grindery.com) or one of our agencies (InboundLabs, SQMedia, WebCanopy, Bold Worldwide...). Or maybe one of our team members shared the link with you.

No matter how or why you arrived, the question is: Why should you invest time into filling out  boring forms? Why bother?


The answer is a simple promise:

Get the freedom of freelance without the hassle.

(Curios why and how? Then read this first.)


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This is it in a nutshell: We are a network, a community of like-minded people who have made freelancing a life choice. And, as a result, we want to work with more like-minded people who are taking their work seriously and enjoy working in teams. The other big difference is that we only work with marketing agencies. Why? Because they need a lot of people - like you - all the time. Plus, since we are very selective, we can make sure that the agencies get vetted and trained, just like the freelancers. This makes sure we can all work in teams. Because this is what agencies, actually all companies, need today: effective teams that can tackle challenges together.